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The Bukit Tinggi Hill Resort Development Concept was first proposed in 1994 and was envisaged to include a multi-developmental component over a total land area of 9,800 ac comprising of mostly mountainious and forested area.

The proposed developments were designed to take into account of the natural terrain and the scenic quality of the Bukit Tinggi area and include such components as equestrian/ horse farm, low rise condominiums, corporate training center, educational centers, forest farm lots, small-scale commercial centers, forest parks, a medieval themed village and hill hotel resort, forest safari park and nature reserves. Subsequently, the development grew to include an additional parcel of land totalling 5,000 ac, where the majority of the built environment and attractions are currently located.

ASPEC has been actively involved in the overall development of Berjaya Hills, begining with the completion of the Bukit Tinggi Development Masterplan EIA in 1992 and subsequently completing a host of EIAs, EMPs and monitoring reporting for Berjaya Hills. These include the Japanese Tea House, Southern Loop, Dam F, Colmar Tropicale, International Boarding School (now KPKT Training Centre) and Avetani land development. Long-term monitoring and environmental assessment ensures a high standard of environmental compliance is adhered to.

Berjaya Hills Development
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