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Pulau Redang Development
Pulau Redang is one of the most beautiful islands along the East Coast of Peninsular Malaysia with crystal clear waters, emerald green hills, rich marine flora and faunu and white sandy beaches. The Island has over the years been developed as a tourist resort for foreigners and locals alike and has remained a popular tourism location for the State of Terengganu Darul Iman. Over the years various developments have been carried out to provide tourists with the necessary facilities.

ASPEC has been working hand in hand with the Client, the State government and the Department of Environment and Department of Marine Parks Malaysia in ensuring that developments on the island follows environmental standards to maintain the environmental integrity of the Pulau Redang Marine Park. ASPEC has reported and sucessfully submmited numerous EIAs, EMPs and continiously carries out environmental monitoring and audit for various projects on the Island. 

Major projects on the island include the Redang Airstrip, Resort Development at Teluk Dalam, Redang Jetty development, 100 room hotel extension, extionsion of Redang Airstrip and coral mapping and survey at Teluk Siang and Teluk Dalam Besar and Kechil.
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